Our solutions / Expertise

From the engineering to the maintenance

Actemium network is the preferred partner of the aerospace industry.

Its expert teams are familiar with all the process specific to aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers or suppliers.

Thanks to its technological knowledge and ability in engineering, integration and project management, Actemium meets the specific needs of each customers.


Our know-how

Electrical engineering - Implementation
  • Studies
  • Feasibility
  • Flow simulation
  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Lifecycle
  • Self certification
Project management
  • General coordination and projects management
  • Cost tracking
  • Planning
  • Subcontracts
Mechanical studies
  • Site planning and layout
  • Drawings and assembly drawings
  • Process simulation
  • Flow and production level
Electrical studies
  • Studies cabinets and diagrams
  • Automation & control command
  • Supervision
  • Workshop monitoring

Actemium Aeronautics expertise

  • Robots integration
  • Online / offline programming
  • Standard and specific islands
Mechanical construction - electrical
  • Purchasing components
  • Global subcontracts
  • Manufacturing
  • Workshop testing
On-site installation and commissioning
  • Assembly and on-site installation
  • Start, control and performance measurement
  • Performance Measurement
  • Technical assistance
Multitechnical process maintenance
  • At design
  • At the operating
  • Maintenance contract profit target