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The transition to a climate-neutral industry

The capture and reuse of CO2, also known as Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU), are already known as one of the possible paths in the transition to a climate-neutral industry.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of CCU has increased as the shortage of carbon dioxide gas emerges, disrupting the supply chains of major users of CO2, such as the food, beverage and agricultural sector. For instance, in breweries, the use of CO2 in the ‘inertisation’ of barrels is obligatory, this provides the necessary ‘prick’ in the beers. While in greenhouse cultivation, the supply of CO2 stimulates the growth of crops.

Actemium Belgium supported a CCU project at a chemical production site where CO2 was captured as a by-product in the ethylene oxide production process. The CCU project will also take care of the purification of these CO2 streams, which store 2,500 tons of liquid CO2. In the meantime, 1 million tons of CO2 has been captured at this production facility for smart re-use.

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