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A stepping stone for graduates

The Actemium maintenance graduate program prepares recent graduates to manage and learn the entire process of a maintenance contract in different industrial sectors.

Adrien Le Sciellour, one of the graduates, gives us a closer look at how this program jump-started his career. His current mission is in the petrochemical and manufacturing sector.

Throughout the program, graduates are taught how to manage the different phases of a maintenance contract (establishing and tracking contracts, determining renewal strategies, etc. ), enriched by monitoring the maintenance-oriented training courses of the VINCI Energies Academy and participating in cross-audits of maintenance contracts.

Adrien adds, “This program is a rewarding journey because you are in a network of young engineers just like yourself, doing similar missions. By exchanging experiences, it can help you with your current mission.”
Upon completion of this program, Adrien will work for an Actemium Business Unit specialized in maintenance contracts.


For more information, please contact Adrien Le Sciellour or Aleksandar Maksimovic.