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Robot arm provides agility in the Life Science segment

A state-of-the-art CMO* in Life Science requested for Actemium Belgium to help reduce the workload of their lab assistants by using collaborative robotics. Until recently, the lab assistants’ duties consisted of manually filling vials (PET bottles) with testing media, then weighing the vials and finally, closing them with a specific torque.

Actemium improved and automated the filling and weighing process, by employing a flexible robot arm, whereby the operator assistance is now limited to provide the empty vails and remove the filled ones. Thanks to this robot solution, it has eliminated repetitive tasks, potential human errors and minimized the chances of contamination between the operator and media.

This project consists of a 6-axis robot with a filling needle specifically positioned so that the filling flow is maximized, two smart screw motors which automatically open and closes the caps with the required torque. All parameters are automatically logged via audit trail on a digitization and recipe platform, according to the FDA & GMP standards. 

*C(D)MO is a growing segment of Contract (Development) and Manufacturing Organizations within Life Science.

For more information, please contact Xavier Devolder or Fran Audenaert.