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Robotics thriving in the fusion facility

AVT Europe NV (part of VINCI Energies Belgium, completes the offer of transport solutions for Actemium), in collaboration with other brands, signed a contract to develop robotics equipment in the fusion energy field which is now a part of ITER, the world’s largest experimental fusion facility.

This project required remote handling, due to some radioactivity components forbidding manual work inside the vacuum vessel. Plus, the installation of remote handling equipment which enters into the vacuum vessel to remove components.

AVT Europe NV delivered operating systems for the transportation and confinement of components from the vacuum vessel to the Hot Cell building. The technologies underpinning this system encompasses a variety of high-tech skills complying with nuclear safety requirements.

Throughout this project, approximately 15 casks were manufactured, the heaviest component transported measured up to 100 tonnes. There are plans to build the first transport vehicle used to move the containers from the center of the reactor towards the maintenance area (non-radiation zone) in the near future.

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