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The supply chain innovation award goes to...

As this year’s King of the Supply Chain award ceremony, Actemium, together with XPO logistics, won the prize for its innovative solution: Pick and Put-to-Light. 

Actemium Lyon Logistics created a solution for the dispatch of fresh produce by combining an automated transit system with the Pick and Put-to-Light system. 

This innovative solution achieves objectives such as:

  • Simplifying the dispatch process
  • Anticipating actions by using the information disseminated
  • Facilitating package handling
  • Increasing collaboration between operators to maintain a continuous flow

By implementing this system, the production capacity has increased, the peak of activities are absorbed, ROI is less than 12 months, and most importantly a 40% decrease in work accidents, plus other impactful results.

For more information, please contact Jean Dumond.