From engineering to operational maintenance


  • Advice

We combine our operational experience and strong maintenance engineering capabilities to support our customers’ strategic upgrade and expansion projects.

Maintenance offer - Advice - Actemium



Maintenance offer - Methods - Actemium



  • Methods

Trained in best practices, we roll out the methodological tools required to support a continuous improvement programme.




  • Organisation

Actemium sets up structured organisations and sets out specific procedures to prepare, plan, supervise and monitor maintenance and to report overall maintenance performance.


Maintenance offer - Organisation - Actemium



Maintenance offer - Works - Actemium


  • Works

Our dedicated teams receive ongoing training in their areas of expertise and in industrial services.



On-site and workshop maintenance


  • On-site

Our technicians are authorised to perform preventive and corrective maintenance in environments subject to stringent rules and are available to meet your needs 24/7.

Maintenance offer - On-site - Actemium




Maintenance offer - Workshop - Actemium


  • Workshop

Our workshops are located near our customers’ premises, enabling us to rapidly respond to work requests in conjunction with our on-site teams.