Actemium OGE Solutions China

Since 1996 Actemium OGE Solutions China delivers automation solutions for the operation of gas, oil and water pipelines / networks with a strong local team in cooperation with Actemium OGE Solutions Frankfurt. The company opened a representation office in Beijing in 2005 and the subsidiary has expanded to a group of around 30 employees.


Scope of supply

  • Equipment and technical service for pipeline stations (SCS/RTU stations with PLC, ESD, HMI)
  • Equipment and technical service for the Control Centers (realtime/historical/communication server, operator workstation, network, etc.)


Market segments

  • Oil&Gas
  • Water



  • PetroChina
  • Sinopec Gas Company
  • YueGang Water Supply Ltd.
  • West East Pipeline Ccompany (WEPC)
  • Beijing Oil and Gas Company (BOGC)