Actemium Shenyang

Actemium Shenyang, founded in September 2011, makes its expertise available to industry across all electrical activities, from automation to robotics, supervision and industrial IT.

The company has a team of 10 employees (including one mechanical and one electrical works contract manager) and a network of subcontractors particularly focused on mechanical and electrical engineering.

We deliver services for industrial equipment and automation systems to support our industrial customers, ranging from design to engineering, implementation, electrical and mechanical installation and commissioning.


Areas of activity

  • Design and engineering activities
    • Functional and organic analysis
    • Electrotechnical design and engineering
    • Automation design and engineering
    • Supervision and man/machine Interface design and engineering
    • Design, engineering and installation of robot systems
    • Platform testing and operational simulation
  • Implementation and worksite activities and expertise
    • Implementation: electrical / pneumatic equipment
    • Platform testing
    • Electrical and pneumatic installation
    • Mechanical installations with geometry adjustment
    • Support and commissioning
    • User training
    • Documentation




We offer the full range of expertise required to develop IT solutions suited to the needs of industry, based either on the main commercially available software packages or on specific customised software development.



We deliver turnkey robotic solutions (robots, mechanical engineering, vision, automation and IT).

Our projects are solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs, such as, for example, a cell combining special machine and a robot that is integrated in an equipment supplier’s process line.


Extrusion (development and renovation)

  • Hardware and software expertise in the continuous rubber extrusion process acquired by working for MICHELIN since 1998 (product preparation, extrusion, cooling, conveying and coiling)
  • Management of multi-parameter settings (speed, temperature, pressure, thickness, weight, etc.) with associated instrumentation
  • Digital synchronisation of DC and AC variable drives
  • Implementation of complex tools and/or tools with very high power ratings


Batch processes (Preparation of raw materials and mixing, Automation and Supervision tools)

  • Simulation / Integration
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Engineering
  • Installation optimisation
  • Traceability / OEE management



  • Implementation of monitoring and control cabinets
  • Implementation of pneumatic control cabinets



  • Platform electrical and pneumatic pre-wiring
  • Electrical installation at customer premises
  • Mechanical implementation and installation
  • Electrical and pneumatic testing – I/O testing
  • On-site measurements