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Actemium teams have the expertise and detailed knowledge of your processes from press shop through to the finished vehicle. This specific know-how is provided with every project to improve the productivity of your plant.

Automotive-A5-28 janvier

Handling and flow :

  • Overhead (motorised, power and free, monorail, etc.)
  • Floor (power roller beds, conveyors, manriders, skid conveying systems, etc.)
  • Specific products


Press shop :

  • Installation of new stamping lines
  • Handling with robots, conveyors, stackers and destackers
  • Layout modifications and relocation of complete lines
  • Revamping and upgrade / optimisation works


Automotive - Body in White

Body in white :

  • Robotic, automated and manual assembly lines
  • All kinds of assembly cells (UB, SP, framing, etc.)
  • Welding systems (spot, AW, laser, etc.)
  • All other joining systems
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)



Paint shop :

  • Primer and lacquer chambers, ovens, dilution systems
  • Robots, coating sludge processing
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)


Powertrain : 

  • Machining (loading & unloading systems, revamping and machine moves)
  • Assembly (special machines & conveying)
  • Engine test systems
  • Transmission test cells


Mechanical :

  • Body (machining assembly and test facilities)
  • Test bench (production and R&D)


Final Assembly :

  • Marriage systems
  • Operator assisted tooling
  • Picking systems
  • Track side stations
  • Special machines and robots
  • Handling systems (conveyors, stocks & buffers)
  • Electronic diagnostic systems


Automotive - Final assembly



Plant & equipment relocation :

  • Robots cells
  • Production lines
  • Machining or stamping lines


Specific machines: Tier one suppliers

  • Robots cells (spot welding & AW)
  • Tools (welding & hemming)
  • Renewing equipment
  • Relocation & commissioning


Tier One Actemium Automotive