Our know-how

Audit and consulting
  • Needs specification
  • Technical selection
  • Feasibility and profitability studies
  • Pre-projects
Design engineering
  • Pre-project summary / Pre-project detailed
  • Mechanical, electrical and command control studies
  • Defining the energy, fluids, utilities
Mechanical sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Pre-wiring, piping, interconnection
  • Special machines
  • Development and workshop testing
  • Installation and commissioning on customer site
  • Production line integration
  • Multi-technical and multi-site maintenance
Industrial relocation
  • Analysis of current facilities and equipment
  • Dismantling plans
  • Transport optimisation and logistics
  • Installation in new situation
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Production line layout
  • Facility installation study
  • Full definition and detailed drawings (All CAD/CAM systems)
  • Parts resistance calculations (finished elements)
  • Parts production and assembly
  • Installation and mechanical adjustments
  • Pneumatics, hydraulics, etc.
  • Sizing and integration of free-arm robots
  • Cartesian robots
  • Trajectory and cycle time simulation
  • Robot arm definition and production (end effector, gripper, nozzle, tools)
  • Electro-technical study and CAD
  • Functional and organic analysis
  • Development and encoding on all types of automatic process and control systems
  • Operating simulation
  • Automatic safety control systems
  • Vision, measuring and control system integration
  • Supervision and HMI
  • Identification systems