Hoisting machine: for whom ?

General management

  • Is my facility compliant ?
    • Our experts can work with you to bring your facility into compliance and monitor the compliance of your entire fleet of hoisting machinery. We can also organise regulatory tests and monitor legal obligations: e.g., author the maintenance book. We also provide regulation intelligence.
  • How can I make sure people are safe (near the load which can be sizeable) and the safety of what is being handled ?
    • The work we perform (maintenance or renovation) will optimise the operational safety of the machinery. Also, we can provide proposals for compliance work or renovation to include:
      • Anti-sway to improve machinery safety
      • A rotating hook to facilitate handling operations
      • Radio control system to operate the machine from outside the hazard area
      • Detection and anti-collision systems and zoning, etc.

Production / operation manager

  • Can you guarantee machinery availability?
    • Our maintenance contracts include a guaranteed result. For renovation work, we can also commit to an availability rate for the machine. The solutions we implement are tried-and-tested, and our employees’ experience is an assurance of reliability.
  • Can you limit machine shutdown (programmed work or breakdown)?
    • The responsiveness of our companies and the strength of our network mean we can programme an operation with the maximum number of qualified workers. For a breakdown, our maintenance contracts include a guaranteed work period. We can also offer remote assistance solutions. Our method department provides the necessary support to limit shutdowns.
  • Are my machines the right size for my needs?
    • We can provide you with a proposal and can audit your facility to examine whether your machinery matches your specific production requirements.

Maintenance manager / Technical manager

  • Why outsource maintenance ?
    • To have a dedicated, trained and expert team. This team means you have access to best practices and feedback from Actemium’s network. Through your maintenance contract, you also have access to the engineering and expertise of other companies. We can offer Level 5 work (French standard NF X 60-010).
      • How quickly can you provide a competent technician ?
      • Our nationwide presence and the density of our network (180 companies in France) means we can guarantee the best possible timeframes.
      • Why choose Actemium over the machine manufacturer?
      • We are not affiliated to any machinery or equipment manufacturer. This means we are independent and multi-skilled in all the types and brands of machinery that you may have. That’s your assurance of advice and expertise tailored to your needs. It also means we can pool experience feedback on several types of equipment.
  • How can I ensure my hoisting equipment’s durability?
    • We can audit your facility to analyse its age and identify the critical components. The solutions we then present can extend the machine’s lifespan while ensuring its reliability and maintainability. These solutions may concern the control-command (switch from step rotor to speed variator, retrofit a PLC, etc.), as well as the mechanisms (switch from jaw to disc brake, add LMI, etc.). Maintenance engineering is an additional way of extending the equipment’s lifespan.

QSE manager

  • Is machine compliance guaranteed?
    • The work we perform is guaranteed for its reliability and compliance with applicable standards and regulations. To ensure this, we perform regulation intelligence to maintain our level of expertise. Our knowledge of the machines means we can provide the necessary advice regarding compliance issues.
  • Is operator safety guaranteed ?
    • We can provide you with a risk analysis highlighting the critical points in liaison with your own production and maintenance department.
    • We can also provide a proposal for compliance work or renovation to maximise safety:
      • A rotating hook to facilitate handling
      • Radio control system to operate the machine from outside the hazard area
  • Are there any risks for the integrity of the products handled, and if so, how do you overcome them?
    • We can provide load management systems that limit damage risks for the products handled. These systems may include an anti-swing, obstacle detection and automated motion trajectory systems or secure zone, etc.
  • What is your safety input?
    • We systematically perform a risk analysis prior to any work. Our employees are trained in working at heights, and have elevated work platform training (French CACES-certificate of fitness for safe operation), if required for the work involved. We also have employees with a licence to operate travelling cranes (French R318 and R423). Depending on the type of work, our employees have the necessary electrical, mechanical or welding certificates. The Group’s safety policy includes systems to report hazardous situations and near-accidents, best practices, safety talks and a dedicated Safety Week.

Purchasing manager

  • Is it possible to have a single contact for a project combining control-command and mechanical aspects ?
    • Our multi-technical proposal means we are in a position to provide a turnkey proposal for a renovation project including control-command, and mechanical and structural components. This means that you will have a single contact for the quotation and works phase and the guarantee of a complete result and optimum solution in terms of cost and deadline.
  • Is it possible to have the same contact to manage various sites?
    • The strength of Actemium’s network lies in its capacity for projection. Thanks to the various companies present across France and the world, we can provide a comprehensive, multi-site proposal. In this case, we can implement a single management team which will ensure the services are standardised across the contract, with feedback from one site passed to another, and resources shared.


  • How much do you contribute to my safety?
    • Our solutions are safe and installed by specialist hoisting machinery employees. The operators are included in the preliminary risk study phase. Safety is fundamental for hoisting machinery and all aspects of safety are implemented: control-command study with a safety level determined following a risk analysis, performance with service tests in all configurations.
  • How can I improve the ergonomics of my workstation ?
    • Our proposals include ergonomic operator cabins, with a study of the operation position, simulation of sight lines and integration of the necessary comfort equipment. We can also include radio control solutions to simplify operation. Finally, we can also include assisted-operation systems: automated motion trajectory, anti-swing, oversized display, etc.

New work and engineering manager

  • How do I define my needs?
    • We can assist you in the needs analysis and existing fleet audit phase and with authoring the specifications. We can establish the machine classification (FEM standards) and check it meets your needs (regulatory obligation introduced by the French Decision of 1 March 2004)
  • Can you provide work at Level 5 ?
    • We can provide you with a turnkey proposal for a renovation project including control-command, and mechanical and structural components. Our expertise means we are in a position to provide a response to all these issues around hoisting equipment renovation.