Overview of lifting machinery

What is involved? 



What type of machinery: overhead travelling crane, port crane, etc. ?

  • Overhead travelling cranes
  • Gantry crane
  • Cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Semi-gantry crane

Who are the clients? What type ?

  • All industrial and port stakeholders needing handling operations

What is Actemium’s value added ?

  • Extensive experience in hoisting and handling
  • Multi-business partner: from maintenance to renovation work
  • Extensive expertise: electricity, control-command, speed transition, mechanisms, structures, etc.
  • Flexible organisation, ability to mobilise resources and adapt to specific requirements
  • Implement innovative solutions incorporating new technology
  • Solid knowledge of the applicable rules (FEM), standard and regulations
  • Handle complex problems with strong commitment to performance for improved reliability, availability and quality, together with safety compliance and cost containment
  • Ability to perform the initial audit and multi-technical turnkey projects
  • International scope

What are the specific areas of expertise required ?

  • Electricity, automation and speed transition engineering and studies
  • Mechanical and structural engineering and studies
  • Electrical, mechanical and structural installation
  • Comprehensive approach: turnkey projects
  • Engineering, maintenance contract and workshop-based repair



Are there any innovations? Is there any engineering ?

  • Ergonomics and dimensions of control room
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automatic or semi-automatic cycles, e.g., automated overhead or gantry crane
  • Anti-sway system for overhead travelling crane, crane and gantry crane
  • Collision detection
  • Anti-skewing system
  • Synchronisation of several overhead cranes and several movements[LE1] 
  • Energy efficiency (reuse of braking energy/energy recovery)



Stringent regulations applicable to this issue: How ?

  • Specific regulations: FEM
  • French Decision of 1 March 2004: machinery + mandatory inspections [LE2] 



Notion of safety is essential and critical: certification and/or standards?

  • Health, safety and the environment are at the heart of our work using MASE (Manual for improving company safety) or OHSAS and ISO9001/14001 certified companies
  • Frequent presence of asbestos: Work in sub-sections (4)



Aims / What needs do they answer?

What are the client’s issues?Comprehensive offer (multi-technique) : single contact

  • Provide an offer independently from machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Multi-site offer: optimisation and feedback
  • Ability to project forward: support at different sites and optimise costs
  • Guarantee results backed by a strong and solid structure (availability for maintenance, response times)
  • Cost containment
  • Availability and reliability of hoisting equipment
  • Tool durability (renovation)
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Equipment and people safety


What are the crucial efficiency criteria? Availability? What are the performance points?

  • Equipment availability
  • Equipment efficiency (electricity consumption, operational flexibility, payload)
  • Optimised spare parts and even ranges of maintenance à standardise equipment to have an optimum parts inventory
  • Machinery safety and compliance: number of comments raised at annual inspections
  • Avoid equipment obsolescence


Concrete applications 


  • Electricity cabinets
  • HV/LV power supply
  • Supervision
  • Speed transition
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Automation
  •  Speed transition calculations
    • Cabinets
    • Commissioning
    • Training

 Mechanical/Structural aspects

  • Motor replacement
  • Structure repair
  • Sub-assembly design
  • Brake integration
  • Structure inspection
  • Reinforcements study
  • Crown gear replacement
  • Painting and surface treatment
  • Operator’s cabin
  • 3D design
  • Carriage replacement
  • Anti-sway system
  • Safety: access, rotating machines, running track



Activity sectors concerned

We operate at all types of industrial sites, notably, steelworks, aeronautical construction, transport, defence, automobile, petrochemicals, energy (hydro dams, thermal and nuclear power plants), wood and paper, cement works, etc.


We also operate at port freight terminals (containers and bulk), shipbuilding and repair, naval bases and waterways.


Actemium’s expertise

  • Maintain industrial and port clients’ hoisting machinery in good working order
  • Renovate / upgrade hoisting machines to extend their lifespan and/or repurpose the machine to the context
  • Bring lifting machinery into compliance with applicable regulations
  • Design and build control-command equipment for new and existing machines
  • Design and build specific new machinery or its accessories (spreader bar, grabs, tools, etc.)
  • Advise and support to optimise and ensure the durability of their hoisting equipment