The functions of hoisting machinery / The various types of hoisting machines

List the types of project/work :

Expertise following damage or before renovation
  • Assess condition: mechanisms, structure, control-command
  • Specific analysis: measure residual thickness, geometry, non-destructive testing, etc.
  • Risk analysis
  • Reinforcement study: calculate finite components
  • Repair recommendations: method, final condition
Project owner assistance
  • Analyse needs
  • Author specifications
  • Supervise studies
  • Supervise manufacture, assembly and commissioning
Replace control-command
  • Remove existing system
  • Size and power calculations
  • Detailed studies
  • PLC programming and electricity cabinets
  • PLC programming and supervision
  • Integration of speed transition
  • Commissioning: no-load, load and serviceProject owner assistance
Change motor type: DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current)
  • Define the drive system dimensions
  • Choice of appropriate motor
  • Adaptation study: height and shaft end, attachment, dimensions
  • Check kinematic chain
  • Tests and commissioning
Change and adapt mechanism :
  • Reduction gear: planetary to parallel axis
  • Brake: jaw to disc
  • Overload: dynamometer axis, weight indicator, tensiometer
Structure revision :
  • Increase CMU (concrete masonry unit)
  • Treat thickness losses
  • Reinforcement
  • Replace damaged components
Compliance work :
  • Risk analysis
  • LMI: load moment indicator
  • Access: guard rails, gate, life line, electric lock
  • Rotating machine protection
  • Treatment of the presence of asbestos
  • Introduce a maintenance log
  • Perform regulatory tests
Maintenance :
  • Risk and criticality analysis
  • Maintenance engineering: RBM (reliability based maintenance), author a preventive maintenance plan and associated ranges
  • Curative maintenance: stand-by, breakdown maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive or condition-based maintenance
  • Introduction of CMMS (computer-aided management systems)