Industrial analysis at a glance

Online analysers, also known as industrial analysers, continuously monitor and measure the constituents of gaseous or liquid process samples.


The analyser is used to track the physical and chemical characteristics of these samples in order to optimise the process as a whole and to enhance its reliability by:


  • monitoring product quality
  • ensuring safety of personnel and facilities
  • determining the type and composition of substances discharged




Industrial analysis to meet process requirements

Industrial analysis to meet process requirements

Online analysis of process sample constituents makes it possible to boost the qualitative and productive performance of manufacturing plants by optimising process settings. 




Personnel and facility safety

Online analysis, and more particularly gas detection, uses sensors installed in manufacturing plants to monitor gases and issue an alert in the event of a leak or emission of explosive or toxic gases in order to protect personnel and facilities.



Environmental emission monitoring

Substances (effluents, fumes, etc.) discharged to the environment are analysed to ensure compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations.