The 3 functions of LPS

  • Protection

The lightning protection systems installed by Actemium provide maximum protection for people and property. They are adapted to each industrial structure to be protected. Their design and dimensions are based on the lightning risk assessment (LRA) carried out ahead of time.

  • Prevention

It is possible to predict lightning risk by detecting a thunderstorm approaching a given site or structure. The reliability of field mill thunderstorm detectors is no longer in doubt. If the customer wishes, the detectors can be directly interlocked with the production lines in order to maximise efficiency and availability.

This type of equipment is additional to the external and internal lightning protection systems. Actemium is one of the very few companies on the market that provide this type of equipment.

  • Reliability

Given its proven effectiveness, lightning protection equipment helps improve the reliability of production sites. It secures operations, notably by protecting the most sensitive components, such as electrical, electronic and IT systems, video surveillance (CCTV), access control, LED lighting and all safety equipment.