Valves, relief valves and fittings : overview



Tailored solutions and services 

An industrial site’s valves, relief valves and fittings are the main apparatus used in the production process. They ensure the operational safety of production equipment and the safety of the teams onsite. Their maintenance is therefore critical for an industrial site’s production continuity and performance.


Maintenance of valves, relief valves and fittings relies on a range of trade skills: mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-technical, PLCs and control-command. Actemium has expertise in all these fields through its companies specialising in valves and fittings. They have the necessary certifications to perform work on this equipment in accordance with the applicable international regulations.


The maintenance of industrial valve systems is often performed during scheduled shutdowns. Preparation of shutdowns is a crucial aspect in ensuring the smooth performance of inspection and repair work on valves and fittings. Actemium works with its clients each step of the way during these key moments in the life of an industrial site.




Meet all demands

Actemium’s offer is virtually unique on the market in the field of industrial valves and fittings, notably because of its ability to respond to all demands. Diagnose and analyse needs, identify the appropriate equipment, onsite installation, equipment repair and servicing and creation of maintenance plans: clients have by their side a partner who can accompany them on an ongoing basis or as needed.


Plant reliability and safety

Advanced inspection processes specific to valves and fittings, especially control valves, are now directly implemented on site. They involve analysing the behaviour of the equipment installed and, if applicable, determining its level of obsolescence and whether a maintenance operation is needed or not. This predictive maintenance is central to ensuring reliable production process operation. It can also be used to determine the need for any repairs that should be made during scheduled shutdowns.

Minimise service time

Actemium’s teams provide their clients with solid maintenance engineering for valves and fittings in order to keep servicing time to a minimum. Their services include identifying critical facilities, equipment standardisation, proposals for concrete improvements and full traceability of the operations performed using tracking tools that can be interfaced with their clients’ management software.

Guarantee industrial performance

A faulty valve or a poorly maintained relief valve can affect the smooth operation of an industrial facility and have huge repercussions on an entire production process. The proper management of valves and fittings conditions the quality of the products manufactured. It is a significant parameter in guaranteeing an industrial site’s performance and customer satisfaction.



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Actemium’s Expertise


Specialist mechanical engineering, electricity and control-command

The maintenance of valves, relief valves and fittings mainly involves mechanical expertise and requires highly qualified personnel. However, depending on its particular type, work on this equipment can also require electrical engineering and electro-technical expertise. Actemium’s teams are experts in these three fields.

Valves and relief valves

Actemium is able to work on all valves and relief valves installed on all industrial processes. This corresponds to almost all equipment used in industrial settings, namely valves installed on pipes with a nominal diameter (DN) of up to 800 mm and relief valves operating at nominal pressure (PN) of up 420 bar.

Workshop and on-site services

Disassembly, cleaning, sand-blasting, painting, lapping, reassembly, inspection, adjustment, calibrating, etc.: Actemium has workshops ideally equipped to perform all these service and repair operations for valves and relief valves. Its technicians can also perform some of these services directly at their clients’ industrial sites (inspection, corrective maintenance, disassembly/reassembly, endoscopy, etc.).

Multi-brand service offer

Actemium has long-standing partnerships with the leading manufacturers of valves and relief valves. As a consequence, its in-depth knowledge of all the equipment currently available on the market makes it an ideal consultant for selecting cutting-edge solutions tailored to your particular industrial activity.

Preparation of scheduled shutdowns

Actemium works alongside its industrial clients to prepare and optimise scheduled shutdowns. The investigations into valve behaviour while in service systematically result in recommendations for equipment maintenance. The summary of these recommendations made over time is used to programme the work to be performed keeping the time required to a minimum.

Customised assemblies

Thanks to its independence from equipment manufacturers, Actemium can arrange the best solution using valves and fittings sourced from different manufacturers. Its teams have the necessary expertise to machine assembly parts in their workshops so that the most efficient valves, actuators and positioners can be connected together whatever the brand. These interfaces are designed after having examined the specific conditions of the client’s process.

International presence

With its 12 companies specialised in valves, relief valves and fittings, Actemium relies on its network of companies around the world to work with its clients on all their worldwide development projects, especially high value added engineering and maintenance work for specific equipment requiring highly skilled teams.