The six functions of the valves & fittings offer

Inspection, expertise, adjustment

Actemium can inspect, assess and adjust safety relief valves onsite. The processes used comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive. There are many advantages: the equipment does not have to be disassembled and reassembled, nor does it have to hoisted and transported, work time is kept to a minimum, production facility availability is improved and maintenance costs kept to a minimum.

People and plant safety

Relief valves are designed to prevent excessive pressure build-up that would otherwise jeopardise the production process. Even if they are only triggered as a last resort, their sound operation ensures safety for the industrial site’s personnel and all its facilities. Hence the need for regular inspections and maintenance.

Preparing scheduled shutdowns

The preparation of scheduled shutdowns is one of the strong points of Actemium’s valves and fittings service offer. It includes a certain number of operations:

  • onsite inspection and assessment of the equipment to be maintained
  • centralised data about the equipment to be revised
  • analysis of the latest service reports
  • determination of the relevance of a revision compared with the cost of new equipment
  • prior consultation with suppliers (parts availability, etc.)
  • service planning.

Optimise servicing and scheduled shutdowns

Actemium has developed solid maintenance engineering for valves and fittings to maximise its service operations at clients’ sites and ensure their industrial performance. This engineering also ensures the best possible management of the operations to be performed during scheduled shutdowns. The various aspects covered are:

  • predictive maintenance to detect and prevent any breakage that might occur on valves or fittings
  • preparation of maintenance operations during scheduled shutdowns
  • shared work in Actemium’s various workshops to meet the reduced shutdown times required and so keep production losses to a minimum
  • real-time communication between the client and maintenance employees using full-web systems to allow for rapid decision-making in the event of a problem (videoconferences, photos and videos about the condition of the valves and fittings, equipment endoscopy, etc.).

Documentation management

Management of the relevant documentation (reports, job sheets, equipment technical data sheets, service recommendation sheets, etc.) is an integral part of Actemium’s valves and fittings service offer. Its data systems can be interfaced with clients’ EDM and/or ERP and are designed to export in real time the documents concerning the work performed on the client’s valves and relief valves.

Client assistance for regulatory inspections

Actemium has the certifications needed to ensure traceability of the calibrations and inspections performed by its teams. Once written, the reports are entered in the clients’ ERPs so that they can use this legally compliant information as proof of regulatory compliance (e.g., France’s EIPS: elements important for safety) for the inspection authorities (e.g., DREAL – French Regional Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing), etc.