Smart Maintenance

NDT: constantly changing methods

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is used to check for defects in parts, components, materials and equipments…

Smart Process

ALAFU, the innovation additive manufacturing factory

Our “ALAFU” project was created thanks to the union of strengths and experiences of several…

Smart Process

Connect to the industry of the future

As a key player in the transformation towards the Factory of the Future, Actemium builds on its agile…

Smart Energy

LEDs and smart equipment are transforming industrial lighting…

With industrial plants having to become “smarter” in every way, whether this means energy…

Smart Maintenance

Predictive maintenance: production plant under control

With predictive maintenance, failures can now be predicted before they occur thereby improving production…

Smart Process

The industrial robot: reinventing the factory

Industry has been using robots for many years, starting with automakers. Now, the industry of the future…

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