Actemium Refueling USA works closely with Actemium Refueling Frankfurt (Germany) serving similar customers.

The focus of the activities is the installation and maintenance of automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems for the U.S. military in the Pacific region – Japan, Korea and several Pacific atolls. Up to six system engineers are on site to resolve rapidly malfunctions within the time frame specified by contract.

The Automatic Tank Gauging System is a state-of-the-art modularized data acquisition and inventory control system that is designed to monitor and control fuel storage tank parameters. These parameters are: Filling level, density, interface level between water and fuel, and average temperature.

The ATG program provides an integrated alarm system that immediately displays any system failure or malfunctions on the central control monitor and places them in archives for future review or analysis. Included is monitoring for leaks or off-limit conditions that enable the operator to take immediate action on any problem at unmanned or remote locations.

The ATG system is the optimum solution for effective management of aviation fuel inventories on a world wide scale. The system is capable of providing within minutes real time data on fuel supplies at any location.



  • RTU8130



For the past 12 years, the BU has a framework contract for BAE Systems with the U.S. Navy. An internet-based database simplifies the communication with the service engineers traveling in different time zones, as well as the comprehensive and long-term documentation of all operations.

Main clients : BAE Systems / SPAWAR (US Navy)