Barillec Electricity South East Asia CO LTD. (established in 2012 in Vietnam) is a subsidiary of Barillec SA (France) which joined the Actemium Network.

It is a leading company in Marine engineering solutions provider operating in South East Asia.

With other 50 years of experience in Marine electrical applications, we offer global turnkey solutions worldwide by providing solutions, diesel-electric propulsion, distribution, monitoring, control and automation, security, communication, entertainment and navigation equipment.



  • Design & Engineering
    • Project assistance: definition and coordination of your project
    • Project management: Integration and management of the entire project, from design to turnkey solutions and updates
  • Specific systems
    • Electrical production and propulsion system
    • Propulsion control system
    • Ship automation system
    • Energy / power management system
    • Alarm and monitoring system
  • Manufacture of equipment & systems packages
    • Production of custom made switchboards, panels and control desks
    • Dedicated workshop for metal framework, copper bars painting facilities, cabling and labels
  • Main electrical propulsion
    • Main propulsion system driving a propeller shaft or an azimut propeller
    • Transversal propellers
    • Miscellaneous onboard auxiliary equipment (winches, fans, pumps, etc.)