Actemium’s experience in the industrial sector ensures efficient solutions to the problems of warehouse management, as well as issues concerning the management of the product flow on production sites. The density of its European network and the efficient deployment of its teams are a guarantee of optimum results for your company.

Consultancy and Study

Definition and optimisation of warehouse operations, procurement management and shipment of packages.

  • Diagnostic audit and recommendations
  • Development of an organisation plan
  • Systems architecture
  • Definition of satisfaction survey criteria
  • Creation of traceability and performance indicators
  • Retrofit and optimization of existing systems


Effective analysis and relevant solutions at every stage.

  • Data analysis – material and information flow
  • Definition of software and hardware architectures
  • Design and sizing of organisation models
  • Development of a steering plan for implementation and phasing
  • Inventory rationalisation and management
  • Optimisation and safeguarding of material flows – materials and products
  • Traceability and identification technology (bar code, RFID, etc.)


Professionalism in support of turnkey solutions.

  • Complete warehouse management systems (WMS, JIT)
  • Flow management and monitoring systems – robotics, supervision and workshop IT systems, radio frequencies, WCS / MFC
  • Mechanical and transit equipment – conveyors, palletisers, stores, carousels, sorting systems, AGV and shuttles
  • Lifts and peripheral equipment
  • Order picking and processing area
  • Labelling and weight and volume control systems
  • Electrical installations and IT networks
  • Security systems – access control, CCTV surveillance
  • Launch support service, training, maintenance
  • Progressive maintenance
  • Hotline