Onshore Power Supply OPS

Onshore Power Supply reduces noise and pollution!

OPS, HVSC, Cold Ironing or Shore Connection are all the same and means that both ships and harbors are adjusted for ships to connect to the regular power supply system through an electrical cable. The return of investment (ROI) for this is approximately six months to a year.

If all ships shut down heir auxiliary engines and connected to shore electricity instead, the impact on the environment would be significant worldwide.

By using shore electricity, the auxiliary engine can be shut off and both noise and emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide are thereby considerably reduced. Some of the benefits are:

  • Less emissions
  • Less noise
  • Less costs
  • Improved working environment on board


Actemium deliver complete solutions for Onshore Power Supply (OPS)

Probably the world leader in OPS installation

Actemium has built several shore connection plants for the port of Gothenburg and for Stena Lines ferry service in Gothenburg, which started in 2010.

Since then we have built OPS plants in harbors in both Sweden and Norway. We have built mobile plants in Sweden and Norway. The Norwegian plant is customized for the offshore industry. In 2019, projects in Belgium and France started.


The OPS plant is mobile

What makes this special is that it is entirely built onto a large removable container, where all technical equipment is already installed when put into place. An additional feature of using container is that, if need arises, it can be relocated for use in other places around the port.

Mobile advantages:

  • Easily move your container if your demands changes.
  • Connect the container in any port in the world in about a week from delivery.


Apart from a few days of commissioning, all the production takes place in our Stora Höga workshop in Sweden. After all of the installations are done, the container is shipped or transported by truck to the harbour, where the actual connection takes place.

A large range of solutions in:

  • HVSC – High Voltage Shore Connection
  • LVSC – Low Voltage Shore Connection
  • Cold Ironing


Contact us or check out the dedicated page in our swedish website for more information, and discover how our experts can help you in your project.