Motor & Drive

With its Motor & Drive offer, Actemium provides a comprehensive and efficient service. Assessment, service quality and responsiveness are the three mainstays of Actemium’s teams.

The six functions of the motor & drive offer

Inspect and assess

Inspecting and assessing fleets of rotating electrical machines demands cutting-edge technical expertise. These services are now systematically outsourced. Actemium’s Motor & Drive companies are uniquely positioned in this respect as they have all the specific authorisations and certifications needed.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Actemium’s Motor & Drive teams are renowned for their ability to perform all necessary tests on electrical equipment in accordance with France’s Apsad D19 standard (infrared thermography) and to provide the associated certificates needed by our industrial clients as proof for their insurance companies.

Preventing faults

Equipment availability rates are a key factor in industrial performance. Everything must be done to prevent faults. Actemium’s offer combines:

  • Preventive maintenance: vibration analysis, stroboscopic inspection, insulation checks, etc.
  • Predictive maintenance: instruments added to rotating machine components to monitor temperature, ageing, etc.

Facility maintenance

Rotating electrical machine maintenance is the prime area of expertise of Actemium’s Motor & Drive companies. They provide their services under multi-year maintenance contracts or emergency repair operations on site or in the workshop. In all cases, and whatever the machine’s brand, a completion certificate is issued as proof that the machine’s characteristics comply with those stated by the manufacturer.

Improving energy performance

Actemium is aware that energy performance is a factor in overall industrial performance. As motor efficiency rates are constantly improving, Actemium’s teams provide their clients with equipment presenting the best possible characteristics (IE3 efficiency standard). The addition of variable speed transmissions to motors is another way of reducing electricity consumption.

Advising clients about the best solutions

Actemium’s Motor & Drive technicians and engineers are ideally placed to advise their clients about the best solution to the problem at hand. Providing both motor repair and new motor distribution services, they can advise clients whether it is economically more advantageous to repair a motor or replace it with its new equivalent.