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Industrial robotics makes it possible to automate certain tasks in your production line to boost flexibility and productivity.

The 8 functions of robotics

A wide range of operations can potentially be robotised, with the decision to do so depending on the cost of the system. The eight most widespread applications of industrial robotics are listed below.


  • welding, bonding, riveting, crimping and induction; associated vision, followed by operation
  • fibre laying
  • automated assembly

Casting, forging

  • Feed, handling, extraction, etc.


  • Finishing, grinding, deburring, cleaning, trimming, drilling, etc.


  • Bulk transfer, automated unpacking, production line loading
  • Feed to machining centres, tooling warehouses
  • Batch/inventory preparation (counting, weighing, vision), picking
  • Glass handling

Paint application and spraying

  • Liquid, semi-liquid and powder application

Measurement and inspection

  • Stereovision, photogrammetry, HD vision, measuring
  • Non-destructive testing, quality control


  • Warehouses and storage platforms; in-line sorting and loading
  • Messaging (unloading, palletising, etc.)

Specific operations

  • Cleaning in operating areas
  • Clean room operations, particle weighing (micrometric)
  • Contact-free manipulation, motorised camera