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Actemium delivers bespoke solutions and services to clients across 40 countries. Its multi-disciplinary network combines the expertise of 400 local business units with a global approach to create value throughout the entire industrial life cycle. The Actemium’s 24,400 experts share with their clients the strong conviction that industry is key to building a sustainable world and strive to make a positive contribution to global performance.

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The network enables a customized approach, presenting multi-technical, ​ multi-site and multi-country solutions.

Actemium’s network

A local and a global approach

Actemium provides both global and local solutions.

Adopting this ‘glocal’ approach to match the new expectations from the industry: 

Experience industry innovation with Actemium’s ‘glocal’ approach, prioritizing Safety Excellence in all activities. Benefit from seamless customer relationships, reliability through dedicated experts, and sustainability in partnerships. Actemium adapts to evolving industry needs, fostering creativity through internal knowledge sharing for continuous improvement.

VINCI Energies

Actemium is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industry.

Accelerator of environmental transition 

VINCI Energies creates bespoke multi-technical solutions and services for energy, transport and communication infrastructure, as well as buildings, factories and IT systems. 

Values and commitments 

VINCI Energies’ 5 values: entrepreneurship, responsibility, trust, empowerment and solidarity, applied in a collective and proactive approach to corporate social responsibility.

This approach is founded on four commitments: the health and safety of our employees, ethics in every one of our projects, reduction of our environmental footprint and local involvment in projects or causes in every region in which we operate.