Acting for a sustainable industry

Actemium delivers solutions and services along the entire lifecycle to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial activities based on three pillars:

Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of processes and equipment

Actemium supports industrials in optimising their energy performance by improving productivity while consuming less, through a wide range of solutions:

→  Process automation and digitalisation

→  Electrification and installation of low  consumption equipment

→  Improvement of energy efficiency through leak detection, heat recovery, installation of                              high efficiency motors, etc.

 →  Maintenance 5.0

Actemium also carries out energy audits and systemic analyses to optimise existing processes.

Circular economy

Developing a circular economy

Optimising the life cycle of equipment is a major sustainability issue.

To meet this challenge, Actemium offers solutions for life extension, reuse of equipment (mechanical, electrical) and industrial transfer.

Actemium also develops offers for end-of-life equipment: repair of parts, revamping of systems, but also solutions for the reduction & reuse of electrical and electronic waste

Low-carbon solutions

Helping industrials to decarbonise their activities

Actemium supports the decarbonisation of industrial activities through the design and implementation of :

 → Renewable energy solutions (solar panels, geothermal energy),

→ Production and distribution units for low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives,

 → Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) solutions

→ Infrastructure for electric vehicle recharging and Onshore Power Supply for ships.

Committed to the environment

As a fully integrated part of the VINCI group, all Actemium Business Units are committed to meet the group’s environmental targets to reduce the impact of their activities in three main areas:

  • ACTING FOR THE CLIMATE – Since February 2022, VINCI has been certified as being committed to the SBTi (Science Based Target initiative), for ambitious climate actions in line with the Paris Agreement. Actemium, like VINCI, has therefore committed to:
    • Reduce in its absolute value its scopes 1 & 2 by 40% between 2018 and 2030
    • Reduce its scope 3 by 20% in absolute terms between 2019 and 2030.
  • OPTIMIZING RESOURCES THROUGH THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY – Actemium is committed to valorize 80% of all inert and non-hazardous waste and 100% of hazardous waste, from its facilities and operations.
  • PRESERVING NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS – Actemium is committed to
    • Reduce its water footprint
    • Prevent nuisances and incidents towards Zero Net Loss of Biodiversity

Actemium’s ‘Green transition in industry’ series

26/09/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

See2Act, the Actemium energy monitoring tool at the heart of clients’ sustainability strategy!

With the current challenges the industry is facing regarding sustainability, decarbonisation and energy efficiency became pillars in most of Actemium’s customers’ actions.
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17/07/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

Actemium installs its first extensive solar panels for REWALBI

REWALBI entrusted Actemium Automation in Stenungsund, Sweden to build an extensive solar panel plant. The 240 solar panels will together produce 80,000 kWh of solar electricity annually.
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08/06/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

Actemium, key player in one of the world’s largest and most modern paper factories

The Progroup company greatly contributes to the German top position in the European paper industry.
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23/05/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

How 26% was saved on gas consumption with Actemium?

Constellium is a leading French company specialized in aluminum processing, with more than 30 sites worldwide and positioned in the aerospace, automotive and packaging sectors. Actemium Angers together with Actemium Maintenance Energies Auvergne performed an energy audit in one of their plants with interesting conclusion.
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26/04/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

Actemium facilitates new sustainable energy production in the UK

Actemium Instrumentation, Control & Switchgear (ICS) has been approached by a major UK Distribution Network Operator to assist with moving some of their assets to make way for a new Energy from Waste facility (EfW).
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08/03/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

A Green Transition in Industry | Actemium contributes to a new energy solution

Actemium Sweden played an important role in Meva Energy’s new project through process plant design and delivery.
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25/01/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

A Green Transition in Energy | Actemium’s 30th Onshore Power Supply project!

Actemium Netherlands has been awarded an EPC contract for an Onshore Power Supply (OPS) solution at the DFDS terminal in Vlaardingen at the Port of Rotterdam.
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18/01/2023 A Green Transition in Industry

A Green Transition in Industry | Reforestation in Germany!

As a partner of Plant My Tree, Actemium supports reforestation projects in Germany.
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A Green Transition in Industry

A Green Transition in Industry | Actemium supports the reduction of polluting emissions in Abu Dhabi’s ports!

The logistics base of Mussafah and the industrial port of Ruwais are currently building ten onshore power supply (OPS) installations to provide energy to 64 ships. A first in the United Arab Emirates!
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Actemium’s sustainability experts are at your service!

Valentine SALOMON – Ali HAMDAN