Actemium combines acknowledged, professional expertise with its segmented approach and the network effect to produce efficient and creative solutions, specific to each client.

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Worldwide, experts work to deliver a range of safe and sustainable solutions & services across the entire industrial life cycle. In its day-to-day operations, Actemium builds on its powerful networking system expertise in each process in order to provide turnkey solutions.

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    Data Science

    Boosting industrial process with data science and machine learning!

    The Syngenta plant in Saint Pierre la Garenne, which is specialized in producing seeds and phytosanitary products for farmers, was looking to optimize its industrial performance.
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    Actemium, a key player in Volkswagen Emden’s electric conversion!

    Volkswagen's Emden car factory is the second site for all-electric vehicles in Europe, following Zwickau, and the fourth worldwide. In this context, the German manufacturer made a gradual conversion of the large-scale factory from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle production to 100% electric mobility. It is the most significant transformation project in the plant's history.
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    Onshore Power Supply (OPS)

    Actemium electrifies tankers in potentially explosive areas (ATEX) in the Port of Gothenburg!

    The Port of Gothenburg (Sweden) has developed a new concept that makes the electrical supply of tankers safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. Stefan Strömberg, press officer at the Port of Gothenburg, explains that "one of the challenges has been to find a player that can design and install the solution needed, as this project aims to set a new global standard. "
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    A Green Transition in Industry

    A Green Transition in Industry: How to save 16 000 tons of CO2?

    Near Antwerp, a cooperative network is transforming residual heat from an Agfa-Gevaert factory into residential heating.
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    Actemium supports the underground storage of green hydrogen!

    The German energy services provider EWE is currently building a storage facility in the salt rock cavern beneath Rüdersdorf, near Berlin. The aim of this project is to study the effects of the underground storage on the purity of hydrogen.
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    Feed, Food & Beverage (FFB)

    Monitoring brewery for greater sustainability!

    The Krombacher Brewery produces more than 5.7 million hectolitres of beverages at its eponymous location in North Rhine-Westphalia. In order to improve the reliability of its planning, they are focusing on twelve of its bottling plants.
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    Flexiplant, an innovative production line by Actemium

    Sika is one of the world's leading players in specialty chemicals. Sika chose Actemium Saint Etienne Process Solutions and its patented Flexiplant® to build a second production line in Boisbriand, near Montreal.
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    Actemium, a key partner of Téréga in energy transition!

    Téréga is the gas transmission system operator in the southwest of France. It also provides a natural gas storage activity.
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    A Green Transition in Industry

    A Green Transition in Industry: Actemium electrifies the first CO2-free plasterboard plant in the world!

    Actemium Electro has been mandated to electrify a CO2-free plasterboard factory in Fredrikstad.
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    A Green Transition in Industry

    A Green Transition in Industry: Become a geothermal pioneer!

    To ensure the power supply of the extraction pumps for the production of green geothermal energy, Actemium BEA and MCR Engineering have developed a reliable and intelligent energy installation container solution in the region of Lausitz, Germany.
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