Actemium combines acknowledged, professional expertise with its segmented approach and the network effect to produce efficient and creative solutions, specific to each client.

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Worldwide, experts work to deliver a range of safe and sustainable solutions & services across the entire industrial life cycle. In its day-to-day operations, Actemium builds on its powerful networking system expertise in each process in order to provide turnkey solutions.

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    Safety and sustainability as priorities during the revamping!

    Actemium has been involved for more than 30 years in the evolution of the industrial process of the chemical platform of Pont de Claix on various units of the platform: Suez, Vencorex, Air Liquide, Exctracthive, etc.
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    Keeping the Fuel Flowing at Major UK Airport!

    One of the UK's major airports required an upgrade and extensions to its aircraft fuel distribution system to keep pace with developments in existing terminals and with an additional terminal development.
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    Reyuz, accelerating circular economy!

    Simple but efficient! Reyuz is the internal application developed by Building Solutions to stimulate the re-use of goods within VINCI Energies.
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    Combine quarry performance with energy efficiency!

    “Société Dragage du Val de Loire” decided to set up a new sand extraction and marketing facility in Loiré (France).
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    Actemium at the “Barrage des poses” maneuver!

    Voies Navigables de France has undertaken the renovation of the "barrage des poses", the largest of the seven structures on La Seine between Le Havre and Paris.
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    A green transition in industry: Actemium contributes to lower-carbon renewal energy production

    Actemium Automation Yorkshire in Huddersfield was chosen to automate the control system for a power generating station’s biomass transfer and storage processes.
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    Better logistics for better customer service!

    Defibrion, a specialist in industrial first aid, imports automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for the Benelux and France. Moreover, it also provides a wide range of products, services, and advice for emergency interventions.
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    Hamat, ready for the future with the Actemium WMS!

    Hamat is a wholesaler and producer of door mats that supplies customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. Allard Peursum, operational director at Hamat, states “When I started at Hamat, I noticed that our Warehouse Management System (WMS) contained a lot of customization. Too much, if you ask me.”
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    Boosting industry through technology!

    Actemium Bilbao has been working with the Basque railway network Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS) on the updated version of a solution developed since 2011.
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    How can Artificial Intelligence improve alarm management?

    Actemium's client wanted to centralize information like different alarm solutions and viewing methods that were dispersed through several platforms. So the client designed a concept of a disruptive platform to manage Centralized Alerts and Notifications (CAN) to standardize, consolidate and streamline all the scattered information and eliminate stand-alone alarm systems.
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