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Actemium Tank Management System

Actemium has supplied the operational systems for ITC Rubis, a storage and transshipment company for liquid chemicals, liquefied gas and petroleum products in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Now, they require a supplier to provide a system that could speed up and simplify their administrative processes.

Raf Saenen, business development & commercial manager of ITC Rubis, states: “Actemium offered a custom-made system which interested us, and that is why we opted for them to help us”.

Actemium provided ITC Rubis with a custom-made automated operational process system dealing with processes that range from logistics, access control via the administrative process, order management system, to field automation.

Recently installed was a solution called Actemium Tankterminal Management System (ATMS), a user-friendly tool that allows customers to request various information such as their stock inventory, order management, planning, contract management and invoicing.

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