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Prevent counterfeit products with serialisation

In the pharmaceutical, wine and spirits, cosmetics and phytosanitary segments serialising the products are essential. There is a desire to ensure the global traceability of products and adapt to new consumer expectations.

This is an industrial project launched by Courbon Software (part of VINCI Energies), with the support of Axians infrastructures, in the field of total and unitary traceability of cosmetic products, which can be transposed to other markets.

The added value of this solution allows the final consumer to have information on the complete traceability of the products such as the place of manufacturing, components of the product and its authentication. To make this information accessible to all economic partners, manufacturers, distributors and consumers, it is done through the combination of cloud technologies, SAAS software, big data, etc.

Nowadays, applications for traceability do not exist in the cosmetics and luxury sectors, which poses a big challenge to prevent counterfeiting.

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