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Traceability of raw materials in medicines

In an increasing number of countries, the traceability of raw materials used in medicines is required by law to guarantee quality and to prevent faults.

Fagron, a supplier of tailor-made pharmaceutical raw materials, performs more than two million scans annually for traceability. However, they were operating on an outdated control system (dated back 13 years ago) that ran on handheld barcode scanners. Actemium Netherlands supplied and upgraded their old scanners to a more reliable modern scanner, equipped with an RDP application that forwards all scanned data directly to the input fields of the central ERP system. Now, the new equipment scans faster, saving up to two seconds per scan thanks to the proximity scanner.

Our employees can now work hands-free and read the display without having to turn the scanner, because of the angle in which the screen is positioned,” says Jeroen Waser, production manager of Fagron.

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