From idea to realisation

Together with you, Actemium’s highly qualified engineers can help you transition an idea to the implementation phase. Whether you are redesigning or expanding your production facility, Actemium’s specialists can help you find the optimal solution.

Actemium offers multi-disciplinary design and engineering services, from idea to implementation.


Actemium offers multi-disciplinary design and engineering services that can be put to use in different ways, from process engineering and mechanical engineering to industrial automation. All the fields of knowledge, specialties and proven skills that are required across all project phases – Consult, Design, Build and Maintain – are available in-house.

A multi-disciplinary engineering approach can be applied to existing plants (brownfield) and to new plants (greenfield). Using unique approaches and tools, any extensions to existing systems during the engineering process can be easily managed. The implementation phase can therefore be completed efficiently and without surprises.

Actemium forms project teams that are appropriate to the size and complexity of your problem. They are led by a project manager. Both teams work closely together, as this cooperation creates the conditions for the best possible projects; providing workable, practical solutions and a clear approach. An approach based on commitment, mutual trust, personal contact and the pursuit of a lasting relationship.

Actemium offers in plant design:

  • Master plan studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept design
  • Basic design
  • Detail Engineering
    • Civil / Buildings
    • Process
    • Mechanical / Piping
    • Process automation and IT
    • Electrical and instrumentation

If you want a ‘right first time’ design for your production process, then Actemium is the partner for you!

Actemium is an industrial service provider with a proven track record by performing project engineering and execution, close to the source of practical innovation. It’s a unique know how for implementing designs into which the most recent (or state of the art) process equipment can easily be incorporated.

Actemium delivers:

  • Feasibility studies covering development methods, problem definition, technical feasibility and appropriate applications
  • Analysis of business processes and associated information needs
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes, business processes and information systems
  • Identification and specification of user requirements and desires, and translation into a URS (User Requirements Specification) or a complete specification
  • Design of information system architecture and functional design of IS
  • Risk assessment.
  • Energy Efficiency


  • BASF
  • Calmag BV
  • Hycail BV
  • Kisuma Chemicals BV
  • Nedmag Mining & Manufacturing
  • Solanic BV (Avebe)
  • Teijin Twaron
  • Dreumex
  • Acheson
  • Cargill
  • Fonterra
  • FrieslandCampina
  • Nutreco


  • FRIESLANDCAMPINA : Conceptual Design Mix Installation – Belgium

    Project description

    On behalf of Actemium F & P Aalter, Actemium C&EZwolle made a multidisciplinary conceptual design and documentation set for FrieslandCampina Professional, manufacturer of dairy products, what the end customer used as Request For Quotation documents achieving the realisation of a complete new production line.

    • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s)
    • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) including tag lists
    • Lay-outs
    • User Requirement Specifications (URS)
    • Process Design Specification (PDS)
    • Request For Quotation (RFQ) documents
    • Material and performance requirements
  • Netherlands: Replacement Control System

    Project description

    On behalf of Nutricia, Actemium C&E Zwolle was responsible for the EPM order to upgrade the process control system of the Zoetermeer preparation site, where they produce a wide range of medical and clinical nutrition products.


    Process Control system

    3x existing Alva-Laval Alert 500 system, included 5x Altop valves control units, replaced by an ABB 800xA system, consisting of 16 controllers and 3 operator stations, an engineering environment and a management information system.


    Hard- and software engineering. Replaced system based on outdated information, and provided a completely new design in terms of E & I drawings package and Functional Design Specifications (FDS) for all the process units, including process optimizations and technical possibilities.


    Responsible for the final selection and purchasing of the hardware configuration, including licenses, etc., outsourcing of programming to the system supplier, and associated installation works.


    On behalf of the client, responsible for achieving the objectives defined in the scope of work, within budget, schedule and required quality.

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