Actemium helps factories save energy

Actemium contributes to the sustainability of factories by developing an Energy Quick Scan, used to save energy.

The Energy Quick Scan takes one day to map out the amount of energy a factory can save.

The first step is to collect data, then the Actemium experts visit the site and collect additional information, if necessary. Next, the energy efficiency team brainstorms and performs a thorough analysis of how the factory can reduce energy consumption, ending this day with debriefing and follow-ups with the client. These steps are vital to the final energy-saving action plan.

The goals of the Energy Quick Scan are to:

  • Identify and discuss energy challenges with the client
  • Estimate energy savings and payback time
  • Investigate funding opportunities
  • Identify long-term and short-term energy savings actions

The Energy Quick Scan has been completed more than 100 times in locations like China, UK, France, Belgium, and Romania…

For more information, please contact Cyriaan Teunissen or Alexia Tassin.