Actemium industrializes hydrogen!

actemium hydrogen industrial

Actemium in France is supporting GENVIA, located in Béziers, on its project to industrialize electrolyzers to produce carbon-free hydrogen. Its objective is to deploy the CEA's high-temperature electrolysis technology on an industrial scale, with a high yield in terms of gross calorific value (GCV).

Actemium was involved with formalizing the needs, defining the manufacturing range, analyzing the flows, determining the process stations and the necessary handling equipment, consolidating the cycle times, developing the workshop layout, and creating the automation/control/supervision architecture.
Actemium Lyon Process Automation (SCADA-EMS-ERP) and Actemium Saint Etienne Process Solutions (powder process) were called upon and accompanied Actemium Paris Assembly Line in this mission.

Actemium Paris Assembly Line is currently carrying out the second phase of this project with the design and turnkey implementation of the electrolyzer industrialization pilot line.

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For more information, please contact Stéphane Conrad.