How can Artificial Intelligence improve alarm management?


Actemium's client wanted to centralize information like different alarm solutions and viewing methods that were dispersed through several platforms. So the client designed a concept of a disruptive platform to manage Centralized Alerts and Notifications (CAN) to standardize, consolidate and streamline all the scattered information and eliminate stand-alone alarm systems.

Considering this concept, Actemium in Portugal developed a centralized alarm platform, from a wide range of SCADAs, that redefines the operation process through a set of management tools.

This platform provides various statistical indicators related to the type of alerts and occurrences through machine learning modules. It will automatically identify and prioritize alarms, while also displaying performance indicators related to the responsiveness in recognizing and resolving reported alarms. All indicators are stored in a database and are later used by artificial intelligence algorithms.

The data is correlated with meteorological data that may influence the occurrence of alerts. This functionality will allow the client to optimize its response capacity since they will have a previous forecast on what issues may occur in their facilities in the future.

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