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Capture carbon to produce more beer! 

Tuborg Brewery (Romania) is making waves in sustainability with a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, by implementing a ground-breaking project aimed at tackling CO2 emissions generated during the fermentation process.

FRIGOTEHNICA INDUSTRIAL has Implemented together with Tuborg Factory Brewery their carbon capture and utilization project with the integration of a specialised installation, designed for the recovery, purification, washing, drying, and liquefaction of CO2.  


The cooling is ensured by the ammonia refrigerating plant installed  by Frigotehnica Industrial, in several stages of development of the brewery.  The recovered CO2, estimated around 1000 kg/h, is then purified, liquefied and stored in tanks before being used to produce more beer. 


FRIGOTEHNICA is a contracting and related services company in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. 

Our activity is focused on promoting and implementing tangible initiatives and services to reduce carbon footprint of our partners: 

  • Using Natural refrigerants –ammonia, CO2, Hydrocarbons 
  • Reducing refrigerants charge (low ammonia charge, chillers) 
  • Heat pumps using and integration in existing plants 

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