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Efficiency innovations brought to the quarrying industry by Actemium

SMBP, a French company specialising in quarrying, produces a wide range of aggregates. To complete its range, the company has acquired a new limestone aggregate processing facility. This new unit will primarily meet the needs of the Greater Paris construction sites and the construction of the A154 motorway.

Actemium Sées was chosen to carry out the electrical and automation work and proposed a global technical solution from high voltage to industrial IT. Actemium was responsible for powering all of the plant’s equipment (conveyors, crushers/scrapers, screens and pumps) and around one hundred motors with an installed power of 5,500 kW.

Actemium improved energy and site efficiency by:

  • Installing variable speed drives on 50% of the motors,
  • Equipping operators with connected watches to optimise the alarm system,
  • Providing mobile tablets and a software module for real-time monitoring of productivity.

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