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Flexiplant, an innovative production line by Actemium

Sika is one of the world's leading players in specialty chemicals. Sika chose Actemium Saint Etienne Process Solutions and its patented Flexiplant® to build a second production line in Boisbriand, near Montreal.

The Flexiplant® is an innovative production unit developed by Actemium. This flexible and fully automated process can handle a wide range of products and recipes from storage, dosing, and mixing of powders for customers in the construction or materials chemistry industries.

The technical solution offered to Sika includes:

  • a Flexiplant® equipped with its 3 storage modules, simultaneous dosing for 22 automated raw materials
  • a sand storage and calibration line
  • an intensive mixer Sofraden MIB 110L
  • a centralized dust collection system meeting Canadian emission standards
  • a large platform to store pallets and flexible containers of raw materials in close proximity and to manage additional manual additions.

The first equipment will be installed next January. Production start-up of the line will follow.

For more information, please contact Xavier PHILIBERT.