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From Outdated to Outstanding: Actemium retrofits Euroflaco’s packaging facility. 

Automation, supervision, and computer systems were upgraded to breathe new life into the aging infrastructure.

Recognising the need for a modern overhaul, Actemium Lyon Logistics have seamlessly tackled the retrofit project of Euroflaco’s (ALPLA Group) packaging facility in Compiègne (France). 

Improvements include enhanced stacker cranes, shuttles, and conveyors in the storage area, upgraded processes for production input and output, and optimised systems for pallet shipping and receiving. 

Actemium played a key role in this transformation by deploying the recently modernized version of its WCS (Warehouse Control System), managing the facility by leveraging a new barcode scanning approach for all the barcodes on a stack of pallets.  

This collaboration continues today, as Euroflaco is using new foldable pallet boxes. With the integration of a cutting-edge robot stacker and the unveiling of these pallet boxes underway, the process is seamlessly managed by Actemium’s WCS.  

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