FutureLab brings you the ‘Digital Transformation of Industry’

Actemium Automation & Industrial IT implements a global, digital-reality, software development offer for Industry (augmented, virtual and mixed realities).

The ‘FutureLab’ in Basel, based on the setting of a “mini-factory”, brings together various IT skills to meet the specific digitization demands of its customers in the Swiss market by using and probing the latest technological innovations. This unique selling proposition is open to the entire Actemium network, in order, for instance, to dematerialize the user manuals of equipment and installations designed by Actemium or to support on-site maintenance experts during their repairs.

In the coming weeks, Actemium Automation & Industrial IT will provide the network with an augmented reality demo application that employees will be able to install for testing and selling purposes.

For more information about the FutureLab, please contact Nicolas Muller.