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Gene Therapy Advancements: Actemium Boosts Pharmatech Growth

Yposkesi is one of Europe's largest Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations for gene therapy viral vector manufacturing.

With only 11 authorized gene therapy products as of October 2022, the industry faces limitations in production capacities. Yposkesi aims to address this by tripling its production capacity through new facility south of Paris in 2024, featuring four new 1,000-litre bioreactors.  

Actemium Paris Process Instrumentation will be installing the site’s power-supply and extra-low-voltage infrastructure. 

To reduce the costs of these treatments, healthcare-sector manufacturers have no choice but to prioritise productivity. The difficulty lies in reconciling this with the exacting and strictly non-negotiable hygiene requirements for the clean rooms.

 Explains Olivier Bardet, Business Unit General Manager at Actemium Paris Process Instrumentation.

In its role of safety and support expert for industrial projects in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, Actemium is joining forces with Tunzini (VINCI Energies) and CBI (VINCI Construction) to provide comprehensive implementation of Yposkesi’s specifications. Production will require around 80 operatives, and the plant should be ready to start producing batches in 2024.  

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