How does Actemium Brazil’s application, SmartData, optimize industrial projects?


Actemium Oil & Gas Onshore (Brazil) created an innovative application called SmartData to optimize projects by enabling and enhancing data formatting, updating and organization.

This solution overcomes barriers identified in the routine of industrial projects, particularly related to the large amounts of data that is constantly generated during the execution of a project; the problem of storage, reliability, traceability, standardization, and communication often occur.

SmartData is designed to address these issues through a system that stores, consolidates and shares data through existing internal tools such as cloud data storage, Business Intellgience tools and spreadsheets. Also, it enables the development of customized client interfaces for each demand in different platforms (web, desktop or mobile), focusing on data handling instead of reinventing tools.

Although this application is still under development, some modules are already in operation at a Petrochemical Complex in Rio de Janeiro, which comes with excellent results.

For more information, please contact Rodrigo Vidigal.