Leading the Charge: Supporting STMicroelectronics’ Semiconductor Facility 

STMicroelectronics in Catania

STMicroelectronics is revolutionising semiconductor technology with a new production site in Catania (Italy). This facility will produce advanced 200mm and 300mm silicon carbide wafers, known for their superior efficiency and reduced heat generation compared to traditional silicon semiconductors. 

At Actemium, we are proud to support this groundbreaking project by managing the low voltage (LV) power distribution within their new buildings. 

Our scope of work encompasses a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure the highest standards of electrical infrastructure. We conduct detailed LV distribution studies to design an optimal and robust LV distribution network. In addition, we supply power centers and switchboards, providing essential components for the LV network. Our services also include the provision of high-quality cables and busbars to guarantee efficient electrical transmission. We offer expert installation of all supplied materials, ensuring seamless integration into your system. Finally, we perform thorough final certification to verify the safety and performance of the entire system. 

This project highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in electrical distribution, supporting STMicroelectronics’ leadership in the semiconductor industry.