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New achievement in the Michelin-Actemium collaboration thanks to Retrofit

Michelin and Actemium Clermont Ingénierie et Travaux have been working closely together since 1986 in numerous plants worldwide.

In 2021, the group decided to launch a retrofit program on tyre building machines fleet in Clermont-Ferrand and Roannes.

Michelin entrusted Actemium the revamping works up to 2025, carried out in four stages:

  • Dismantling the original electrical rack under the machine to allow dusting and cleaning
  • Replacing obsolete equipment (PLCs, dimmers and variable speed drives) by new-generation ones
  • Reinstalling the rack and installing two electrical cabinets
  • Commissioning of each machine

It lasted 6 weeks for the four first machines in 2022, then Actemium managed to narrow time to 4 weeks thanks to:

  • Creation of a wheeled support to facilitate maintenance of the 1.2 tons racks
  • Pre-fabrication of the cables in workshop to reduce downtime during installation on site
  • Use of automated tools to produce the electrical wires
  • Wiring an additional rack to reduce machine downtime.


Actemium’s deep know-how, expertise and commitments will allow the Michelin-Actemium’s collaboration to keep evolving through time.

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