Optimizing processes with SmartCIP

Actemium Beverage Alter has worked with Brewery Haacht, Friesland Campina and six other dairy plants to optimize different processes for beer, dairy-based beverage, infant nutrition, cheese and desserts.

One solution, in particular, SmartCIP (Clean-in-Place), has optimized the conventional systems by using data analytics to reduce the consumption of raw materials, by:

  • Providing a user-friendly follow-up on daily ‘CIP processes’
  • Detecting anomalies with the Golden CIP principle
  • Suggesting optimizations based on data analytics/machine learning

The first project was conducted in the food industry and delivered ROI after two years, based on calculating the cost of water usage and wastewater handling. The SmartCIP 2.0 version is currently being developed.


For more information, please contact Olga Goldova.