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Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group reinvent urban logistics thanks to Actemium.

Renault Trucks and the Jacky Perrenot Group, both major players in the transport sector, are joining forces to reshape urban delivery. At the heart of this transformative project is Actemium, the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to industry. 

Renault Trucks’ all-electric E-Tech D Wide 26-tonne truck will be equipped with Actemium’s innovative carousel system. This system replaces traditional pallets with mobile containers and integrates an exclusive automated loading and

 unloading process, promising substantial gains in safety, sustainability, and productivity. 

Drivers benefit from a significant improvement in their working conditions, thanks to reduced physical demands and simplified processes. Safety is heightened as the system eliminates risks associated with manual tasks. The collaborative effort also introduces an eco-friendly element, with the electric truck and the automated system reducing loading and unloading times by an estimated 30%, aiding in the fight against urban congestion. 

As the Jacky Perrenot Group prepares to be the first to implement this groundbreaking solution in 2024, Actemium’s contribution underscores a commitment to advancing urban logistics with intelligence and eco-conscious innovation. The stage is set for a greener, smarter future in urban transport. 

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