The easy-to-use digital solution to keep employees, customers and businesses safe

Cougar Automation South, part of Actemium UK, created a wearable employee badge equipped with an alarm system that alerts them when they get closer than the permitted physical-distancing requirement or when an area has met its maximum capacity.

Depending on the distance, the alarm system will emit a warning signal of varying intensity, whether it be a light, sound or vibration, when you are too close to another person, thanks to the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and UWB (Ultra WideBand) technology. This digital alarm system is customisable for enhanced personnel and business safety, other features like geofencing and body temperature scanners can be offered.

This solution has assisted numerous companies from airports to construction sites to restart their businesses and has ensured the well-being of employees so that they feel safer and more confident in their workplace.

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