The major changes currently underway in the aerospace sector call on companies to make far-reaching adjustments in the way they operate.

  • Producing faster: with increasing production rates, the company’s performance becomes a focus of attention. Maintenance plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper operation and safety of industrial facilities, the goal is to avoid production stoppages.
  • Producing better: quality is all-important, particularly in the aerospace industry where parts must be completely free of defects. Controlling industrial production processes in terms of traceability, process performance, quality, and monitoring is crucial, the goal is to achieve zero defects.
    In addition to these challenges, the industry as a whole is changing: the industry of the future involves the development of robotics and digital technologies within factories, new “building blocks” such as connectivity between sites or machines, predictive maintenance, robotisation, new manufacturing processes (additive manufacturing) and other innovations.

Augmented reality is also being introduced to support in-line defect analysis and defect cause detection.

As an expert in the smart industry and a member of the Alliance Industrie du Futur (alliance for the industry of the future), Actemium can deliver these innovations and provide the expertise required to boost the performance and competitiveness of your industrial sites.

An expert boosting your performance

We provide support throughout the life cycle of your installations, from engineering to maintenance. Based on our comprehensive knowledge of your processes and equipment, we work with you to devise the best possible solutions for improving your productivity and your industrial performance.

As a full-service integrator, we deliver turnkey solutions using the most suitable equipment for your requirements.
We build on the strong Actemium network of 400 business units around the world to support you wherever your location.

The Actemium network enables us to offer a wide variety of expertise across a broad range of activity sectors as well as innovative, proven solutions (for example by applying concepts developed in the automotive industry to the aerospace industry to boost productivity).