Life sciences

Now – more than ever – the Life Sciences industry is witnessing a race to accelerate go-to-market and increase agility to produce vaccines and other medicines, as well as therapies. As Actemium is a trusted partner for many biotech, biopharma and pharma companies, its unique combination of multi-tech solutions is supporting this trend – backed by a multi-country approach.


The objective of these Double Picking Robots (DPRs) was to replace a task previously carried out by two and sometimes even four operators. What is especially interesting is that they eliminated the risk of confusing different product references inherent in the previous manual process.

This video shows the final stages of preparation in Actemium’s workshop before shipping the DPRs to the client, a major player in the medical industry. The client then went on to implement the DPR system in a bigger blister packaging line.


Pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industries

Customer benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater process security
  • Optimized costs ​
  • Time-saving
  • Eliminates arduous manual task