Actemium’s unique expertise helps you transform production facilities into the digital enterprises of the future

You’re operating in a challenging world where agility and go-to-market are key, and your ecosystem may be facing fundamental changes to its supply chain. Actemium Life Science experts are there to unburden and support you with a wide variety of technological expertise to transform production facilities and get them ready for your future needs.


  • How can Actemium improve the efficiency of my existing production facilities?

    As the world fast embraces the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, Actemium can help you to turn your production and building-related data into value – increasing both efficiency and cost savings. At a time when data integrity has never been more important, we make sure you’re protected against cyber risks and other threats. Actemium’s paperless solutions not only reduce human error but also support social distancing and help you keep pace with increased demand for faster drug or vaccine approvals.

  • How does Actemium ensure appropriate Quality Assurance ?

    Actemium strives to live the GxP-regulations every day it supports its customers – placing quality at the very heart of its business.

  • What kind of expertise or activities does Actemium offer ?

    Actemium can take on a wide range of activities – starting with identifying your business challenges, then designing multi-technical concepts to tackle them through adapted solutions. While we do take new market trends into account, we use proven technologies to ensure business continuity. This multi-tech approach goes beyond traditional electrical mechanical and automation offerings – bringing in dedicated expertise around HVAC and EMS, robotics and cobotics to create tailormade process solutions.

  • Is Actemium focused solely on 'one shot project' execution?

    Not at all. Actemium strives for long-term partnerships by supporting customers with multi-technical maintenance methodologies. Dedicated teams take care of organising, supervising and monitoring overall operational performance – 24/7 if needed.

  • In a globalised world, my worldwide production sites have different needs but also common standards. How can Actemium offer appropriate support?

    Through its dedicated Life Sciences Competence Centres, Actemium safeguards and shares the necessary knowledge and expertise with business units close to the clients’ production facilities. In this way, customers benefit from a global approach backed by adaptable local support.

  • How can Actemium support me with my digital transformation?

    The growing adoption of digitalisation – both by patients and the healthcare sector – means your business model must be as adaptable and agile as possible. That way you can fully take advantage of it to apply advanced manufacturing technologies, augmented reality, predictive functions, IoT and AI. This turns your production data into real value and lowers TCO when combined with a holistic approach that fully takes into account the complete lifecycle.